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Handbook of Asian Management
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Handbook of Asian Management
von: Kwok Leung, Steven White (Eds.)
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004
ISBN: 9781402079320
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Format:  PDF
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Our understanding of management in Asia has not kept pace with the demands of managers and students. The Handbook of Asian Management provides in-depth critical reviews of central topics in strategy and organizational behavior research in Asian contexts. Leading scholars take stock of what has been learned and give clear directions towards greater rigor and relevance for research in this region.

Written for: MBA students, Ph.D. graduate students and researchers in international business and management and comparative or cross-cultural management.

The Editors

Kwok Leung (Ph.D. in Psychology, University of Illinois) is Professor of management, City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include justice, conflict, and culture, and he has published widely in these areas. He is currently the Editor of Asian Journal of Social Psychology, an associate editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and a departmental editor of Journal of International Business Studies. He is on the editorial board of several journals, including Journal of Applied Psychology, Applied Psychology: An International Review, and Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Steven White is Assistant Professor of Asian Business and Comparative Management at INSEAD. He studies the dynamics of organizational change, interorganizational relationships, and cross-cultural management issues. His work has appeared in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Research Policy and Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 

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